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MIL 3603

  • LED indicators for status display.
  • Bass-treble tone control.
  • 3 road word-tube input, 2 roads lend support to the input, 1 the road lend support to the output.
  • 4-16 resistive and 70/100V voltage output.
  • Indication for OUTPUT Short Circuit, Overheat and Overload (pilot lamp flicker).
  • Mike 1 input automatically overrides Mike input 2, 3 and AUX input 1,2.
  • Adjustable attenuation level between 0 and -30 DB by altering MUTE control on the rear panel. ( Factory setting -30 DB )
  • 4 Partitions for ease of connection
    CONNECTIONS : Input connections are made via RCA sockets on the rear side of the Amplifier.



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